TAKEGAWA #09-09-0081 Aluminium chain cover HONDA Monkey 125 SHIPPED


This is a brand new aluminium chain cover designed and manufactured by Takegawa Co. in Osaka, Japan.
Easy to install on genuine swing arm fittings.
Please note that this part can be mounted on both genuine swingarm and Takegawa one.
Here are several technical informations from manufacturer:
■ Details
Aluminum chain guard with sharp design different from normal shape.
While focusing on its role as a chain guard, it organizes the rear area in a stylish manner.
You can.
Anodized on the surface.
Bolts are made of stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance.

Compatible with both normal swing arms and our aluminum swing arms.
Normal rear shock or our rear shock absorber (06-04-0068 / 06-04-0069 / 06-04-0070) and aluminum machined rear shock absorber (06-04-0038) can be installed at the same time.


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