Takegawa #05-05-0052 Super Multi DN tachometer Honda Monkey 125 SHIPPED


Takegawa #05-05-0052 Super Multi DN tachometer Honda Monkey 125

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This is a brand new Super DN multi meter manufactured by Takegawa co. in Osaka, Japan.
Easy to instal on genuine front fork fittings.
Here are some additional technical informations from manufacturer.
Genuine meter exchange type multifunctional meter “Super Multi DN Meter”
A multimeter that can be installed simply by replacing it with a genuine meter without any wiring processing.
Very many functions such as speed, rotation speed, gear position, thermometer, fuel gauge, time, battery voltage display, tire outer diameter correction, backlight color change, etc.
Also, since it can be installed at the same position with almost the same shape as the genuine meter, the exterior parts (screen, etc.) that were installed at the same time as the genuine meter can be used as they are.
The basic functions (speed / temperature unit, genuine tire circumference, ignition setting, fuel) for Monkey 125 are preset.

■ Please confirm before purchase
When installing with our Blaze turn signal set (target part number: 05-08-0465 / 05-08-0466 / 05-08-0467), wide range flasher relay (3-pole, with operating sound) part number 05-08 -0433 must be purchased separately.
If the wide-range flasher relay included with the blaze turn signal is used, the indicator lamp for the turn signal may not light properly.

■ Function
■ Speedometer 0 ~ 360km / h
Tire circumference setting (setting range 50 to 210%, setting unit 1%)
Speed ​​warning light (setting range 30 to 360km / h, setting unit 1km / h) h

■ Pointer type tachometer 0 ~ 13000rpm
Revolution warning light (Setting range: 1000 to 13000 rpm, Setting unit: 100 rpm)
Ignition setting (Setting range 0.5 ・ 1 ~ 24)

■ Od / trip meter, maintenance mileage, gear position

■ Odometer 0 ~ 999999km
(Display unit: Return to 0 when exceeding 1km range)
Total mileage
User odd setting (start point distance arbitrary input)

■ Trip meter A, B 0 ~ 9999.9km
(Display unit: Return to 0 when exceeding 0.1km0.1 range)
Display / hide setting of trip meter B

■ Maintenance mileage
The entered mileage automatically decreases as you travel.
Maintenance distance (notification mode)
(Setting range: OFF, 500 to 16000km Setting unit: 100km)
* OFF is not displayed.

■ Gear position (Display contents: OFF, all gears)
* OFF is not displayed. Gear number registration function by learning mode

■ Clock, voltmeter, thermometer, fuel gauge

Clock (setting range: 12 hours or 24 hours)

■ Voltmeter (Display range: 8-18V)
Voltage warning light (setting range: 8 to 18V, setting unit: 0.1V)

■ Thermometer ■ (Display range: 0 to 150 ° C)
The temperature can be measured at the drain bolt by purchasing the SP Takekawa drain bolt separately.
Temperature warning light (Setting range: 0 to 150 ° C)

■ Fuel gauge (display range: 6 levels)
Fuel sensor resistance preset 100Ω 250Ω 270Ω 390Ω 510Ω 1200Ω
User resistance value setting Resistance value range: 1 to 1500Ω
Fuel warning light

■ Indicator lamp and external switch

■ Indicator lamp
Warning light (speed / top gear / mileage / fuel / battery low voltage / temperature / number of revolutions ※ lights when setting items) ・ Neutral lamp ・ High beam lamp ・ Turn lamp ・ Fuel remaining warning lamp ・ ABS lamp ・ Engine check lamp

■ External switch
All operations and function settings of the meter use the external switch attached to the meter.

The basic functions (speed / temperature unit, genuine tire circumference, ignition setting, fuel) for Monkey 125 are preset.

■ Backlight
Brightness (Setting range: 1/5 (dark) to 5/5 (bright))
Illumination color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, sky, purple, white
■ Notes
Cannot be installed simultaneously with H.I.D., LED headlights from other companies, and fog lamps.
Some ballasts / inverters (voltage converters) emit high-voltage noise that has an adverse effect on digital circuits, causing product failure or malfunction.
Regarding gear position setting For setting the gear position, both the speed signal and the engine speed signal need to be input to the Super Multi DN meter. Therefore, automatic reading work by “actual driving” is required.
Do not set gear positions in urban areas because of the high traffic lights and traffic.
When traveling, select a road with good visibility, check the surrounding road conditions, and proceed with caution.
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