Takegawa #09-11-0092 Air flow seat cover Honda Dax 125 SHIPPED


Takegawa #09-11-0092 Air flow seat cover Honda Dax 125

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This is a brand new L size mesh cover manufactured by Takegawa co. in Osaka Japan.
It fits Dax 125 and many vehicles.
Easy to install on genuine seat.
Here are several additional informations from manufacturer:
■ Details

By simply installing it over your normal seat, you can change it to a seat with excellent breathability and cushioning.
In order to accommodate a variety of seat shapes, the sides of the seat cover are made of elastic mesh and the seam allowance tape is made of rubber, increasing versatility.

■ Features of our air flow seat cover

■Uses three-dimensional mesh with moderate grip and excellent breathability
The three-dimensional mesh seat uses a special mesh that is finely woven to ensure an appropriate grip.
The three-dimensional mesh creates a space between your hips and the seat, and the wind blows through it, preventing uncomfortable stuffiness and heat transfer from the seat. It has good drainage during rainy days and prevents water from seeping into rain gear.

■Reduction of vibration and improvement of cushioning properties using specially manufactured mesh
The internal mesh woven using a special manufacturing method has a spring effect, reducing vibrations transmitted from the road surface and providing excellent cushioning. The fatigue that occurs during commuting and long touring is reduced, allowing you to enjoy comfortable riding.

■Highly designed seat cover with two types of elastic mesh and three-dimensional mesh sewn together
The sides are made of stretchy mesh fabric that provides a better fit with the seat, and the seat is made of three-dimensional mesh that provides excellent breathability and cushioning.
By sewing two types of mesh together, we enhance the design and maintain the custom bike image.
■ Notes

To install the L seat cover, the seat shape must exceed the overall seat cover dimensions shown.
If the seat has approximately the same dimensions as the entire seat cover, no tension will be applied to the elastic mesh on the sides when the seat cover is installed, and the seat cover will float.
Please see the seat dimensions of the vehicle with confirmed installation in the PDF below as reference data.

Depending on the vehicle in which it is installed, water droplets may enter the trunk. Please refrain from using it when washing your car or during heavy rain.
If you sit down immediately after getting wet, your clothes may get wet. Even if the surface is dry, it may contain moisture inside, so if you use it immediately, remove the moisture with a towel, etc., and make sure your clothes are not wet before use.

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