KitKat salt lemon Limited Edition x4 packs SHIPPED


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This is a brand new set of KitKat Salt Lemon manufactured in Japan.
Newly released flavour that is not available outside of the country.
Here is a description from manufacturer:

Introducing the delectable and unique KitKat Salt Lemon flavored chocolate snacks, a mouthwatering delight exclusively available in Japan! This limited-edition confectionery takes the beloved KitKat brand to new heights with its tantalizing fusion of flavors.

Taste Sensation:
KitKat Salt Lemon is a symphony of contrasting flavors that dance on your taste buds. The first sensation is the delightful balance of sweet and salty, as the creamy white chocolate coating meets your lips. As you take your first bite, the zesty and refreshing burst of lemon comes to life, providing a tangy and vibrant contrast to the sweetness. It’s a flavor combination that’s both surprising and satisfying, making it a true palate-pleaser.

The KitKat Salt Lemon maintains the signature KitKat crunch that fans adore. Each bar is made up of crisp, wafer-thin layers that provide a satisfying snap when you break them apart. These layers sandwich a lemon-infused cream filling, which adds an extra layer of creaminess and an explosion of citrus zest.

The packaging of the KitKat Salt Lemon reflects the Japanese commitment to aesthetic design. Expect a vibrant and eye-catching wrapper featuring a playful fusion of salt and lemon graphics, giving you a hint of the incredible flavor inside.

Limited Edition:
This special flavor is a limited-time offering, adding to its exclusivity and making it a must-try for anyone with a passion for unique and intriguing flavor combinations. KitKat Salt Lemon is available for a limited time only, so be sure to grab your share before it’s gone.

The Perfect Treat:
KitKat Salt Lemon is the ideal snack for those who appreciate the artistry of Japanese culinary innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned KitKat enthusiast or a curious newcomer to Japanese confections, this unique flavor profile is sure to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.
Indulge in a delightful fusion of sweet and zesty, an exquisite balance of flavors, and a limited-edition treat that showcases the creativity and flair of KitKat in Japan. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary culinary experience, as KitKat Salt Lemon pushes the boundaries of what a chocolate snack can be, creating a tantalizing memory you’ll savor long after the last bite.

Each pack is circa 170g, offer is for 4 packs.
All orders are sent using Small Packet service from Japanese post.

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