Plus Mount Fuji eraser x12ea gift box SHIPPED


This is a brand new set of 12 Mt Fuji shapped Japanese erasers.

Brand new products sold inside their original individual packages.

They are decorated with traditional Japanese patterns.

Here are several informations from manufacturer:

Product Features

  • Erase and create your own Mt.Fuji. A new proposal for the fun of erasing.
  • Amulet package suitable as a gift. You can write a message on the back.
  • 6types of traditional japanese auspicious motifs.Rabbit,sea bream,wisteria flower,camellia,owl,crane.
  • Light and comfortable erasing feeling with air-in resin.
  • Curved sleeve that prevents the eraser from breaking.

The 8th limited edition of the extremely popular Mt.Fuji eraser.

A small amulet-shaped box type that is suitable as a gift for test takers.

The sleeves feature six types of auspicious motifs unique to japan.

You can also write messages of support etc on the back.Recommended as a gift or a wish for yourself.

This time,we will be releasing 12 pieces of 6 different motifs,2 pieces each.

Enjoy erasing Mt.Fuji erasers.

If you erase it in a balanced manner from side to side and front to back,the main body will become mountain-shaped and the snow mekeup peak of Mt.Fuji will appear.

By using air-in resin mixed with porous ceramic powder,we have achieved outstanding erasing performance and a light erasing feeling created by air-in. 

All orders are sent using Small Packet service from Japanese Post.

No worries, your parcels are tracked 😉


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