Coca Cola Zero Peach limited edition 350ml x4 bottles SHIPPED


Coca Cola Zero Peach limited edition 350ml x4 bottles

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This is a brand new set of newly released Coca Cola Peach.

Original taste that has been released recently.

Here is a translation of manufacturer’s description:

Good news for "Coca-Cola Zero" drinkers! Coca-Cola Zero Peach, 
the first peach flavor from Coca-Cola's zero-sugar drink Coca-Cola Zero, 
is now available for a limited time.
The refreshing taste unique to Coca-Cola is combined with the tempting peach flavor!

Here is a complete description of product:

Coca-Cola Zero is another symbol of the healthy image of the historic Coca-Cola brand. A unique product that allows you to enjoy the original taste of Coca-Cola with zero sugar and zero calories. But sometimes you might want to change the taste. In times like these, the good thing is to have a different taste.

Recently, a mystery taste called “Coca-Cola Zero Creations K-Wave” has become a hot topic, and some family restaurant drink bars also offer flavors such as melon and lemon, and some people have enjoyed the fresh flavors. There must be a lot. However, this is the first time for the “peach” flavor. Coca-Cola System’s “Coca-Cola Zero Peach” is said to have added the refreshing feeling unique to “Coca-Cola Zero.”

As soon as you twist the cap, it smells like peach! Rather than peach being added to the spicy mixed fruit flavor that is unique to cola, I get the impression that peach takes center stage, and the coke flavor adds color to it. When I actually drank it, the peach flavor was stronger than I expected. However, the peach itself has a seductive pink sweet and sour taste, so it is a perfect match. The taste will obviously change, and your mood will change all at once. Thanks to the sweet scent, I also feel that the sweetness has become stronger. If you want to enhance the aroma even more, we recommend drinking it in a glass with plenty of ice and a no-straw.

The ingredients are simple: carbonic acid, caramel color, acidulant, flavoring, sweetener (sucralose, acesulfame K), and caffeine. Of course no sugar!

The smaller 350ml size will be sold at supermarkets, drug stores, and discount stores.

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