Fujiya Country Ma’am cookies vanilla and chocolate x4 packs SHIPPED


Fujiya Country Ma’am cookies vanilla and chocolate x4 packs

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This is a brand new set of 4x Fujiya Country Ma’am cookies packs.

Cocoa and vanilla flavoured cookies that are very famous in Japan.

Here are several informations from manufacturer:

COUNTRY MA’AM cookies are like freshly baked ones, cooked in the countryside. This is the concept of this cookie brand. They have crisp texture outside, soft and chewy inside. When you want to reminisce about mom’s cooking in your hometown, having COUNTRY MA’AM cookies is the easiest way (well, maybe not) since it’s available in supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan.

COUNTRY MA’AM has lots of varieties. Some are sold only for limited time, others are released locally. Here are some picks of COUNTRY MA’AM flavors!

The standard and most popular variety. Nice and simple vanilla cookies are the best when you want to feel nostalgia for your happy memories of your home town. With big chunks of chocolate contained, these vanilla cookies definitely fill your stomach.

Cocoa and vanilla are the most popular flavors among the varieties, and people argue heatedly on this issue: which is the better. Some say cocoa cookies are too sweet, but for a sweet tooth, these are undoubtedly awesome and the best.

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