ANDSCAPE Reusable Silicone Lid [Matte Olive] SHIPPED


ANDSCAPE Reusable Silicone Lid [Matte Olive]

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This is a brand new silicon lid cover manufactured by Andscape company in Japan.

Brand is famous for its hi quality products designed for picnic and trekking activities.

Brand new product sold inside its original sealed package.

This item fits 80mm carton glasses, both cold and hot drinks.

Here are several additional informations from manufacturer:

Compatible cup: Φ76-79mm
Heat resistant temperature: 200℃
Material: silicone rubber
Country of Origin: Japan

“ANDSCAPE” is Sunup’s outdoor brand that brings a new wave and design to the outdoor scene.

A silicone lid that can be used with convenience store counter coffee

*1 paper cups and paper cups with a diameter of 76 to 79 mm.
*1 Supports major convenience store counter coffee S size and regular size.

It has a spout push mechanism that prevents dust from getting in, so even if it falls over, it won’t spill out all at once.
Note: This is a simple lid and does not have a sealing function.

It also comes with a coaster function

*2 that prevents it from being blown away by the wind, making it convenient to use outdoors.
*2 Compatible with paper cups with a bottom diameter of 47 mm.

Since it can be washed and used, it also contributes to the elimination of plastic.

All orders are sent using Small Packet service from Japanese Post.

No worries your parcels are tracked 😉



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