Takegawa #04-02-0295 stock style exhaust Honda Monkey 125 SHIPPED


Takegawa #04-02-0295 stock style exhaust Honda Monkey 125

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This is a brand new racing exhaust manufactured by Takegawa Co. on Osaka ,Japan.
It fits Honda Monkey 125 all models.
Shape is similar as genuine one therefore heat shield can be mounted.
Here are several technical informations from manufacturer:
■ Details

It is a sports specification up muffler that does not break the normal style that allows the normal heat protector and muffler end to be attached.
Our unique silencer structure and exhaust pipe enable high exhaust efficiency that is completely different from normal, and improve output performance.
Also, the sound quality is different, which enhances the custom image of the vehicle.
Both the exhaust pipe and silencer are made of steel and have a heat-resistant black paint finish.
With a two-piece structure that takes vibration into consideration, the joint uses a gasket as in the normal case to reduce exhaust leakage and vibration noise.
The silencer stay part is also a rubber mount like the normal part.

■ Government certified muffler

Since we have taken the certification test and obtained the government certification, you can enjoy muffler replacement with confidence.
Proximity exhaust noise: 82 dB (A)

■ Notes

Government certification is limited to the normal state of the target vehicle.

All orders are sent using EMS service from Japanese Post.
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