Takegawa #08-01-0174 Camo side bag Honda CT125 Hunter Cub SHIPPED


Takegawa #08-01-0174 Camo side bag Honda CT125 Hunter Cub

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This is a brand new side bag manufactured by Takegawa Co. in Osaka, Japan.
It fits Honda Supercub C125 and CT125 Hunter Cub.
Brand new product sold inside its original package.
Here are several technical informations from manufacturer:
Touring bag S (ACU)
■ Details

1-hole structure with a capacity of about 5L. The reinforcing plate set to cover the bag gives it strength, and it is firmly made so that its shape does not collapse even when loaded.
There are two net accessory cases inside the bag, and a zipper-type net accessory case inside the top flap. The top flap and zipper secured by the buckle open and close the mouth to make a large opening.
It can be used by fixing it to a motorcycle carrier, etc. with the hook-and-loop fastener type fixing belt on the back. This surface fastener fixing method makes it easy to attach and detach.
By using the attached sling, it can also be used as a shoulder bag. The size is easy to carry and can be used for everyday use.

■ Details

■ Bag body: Approximately 220 (H) x 270 (W) x 100 (D) mm
■ With SP Takegawa logo tag
■ Comes with a rain cap
■ Allowable load capacity: 1.5kg

■ Notes

* When fixing to a motorcycle carrier, etc., use the fixing belt on the back of the bag and the attached sling belt, etc., and take sufficient measures to prevent it from falling off.


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