Honda CT125 Hunter Cub Sub Tank Support SHIPPED


This is a brand new fueltank bracket specially designed for Honda CT125 Hunter Cub.
It allows to install former model CT110 subtank on rear rack.
Easy to mount on genuine fittings using provided bolts.
Here are several technical informations from manufacturer:
CT125 Hunter Cub Sub Tank Support
■ Features
It is a sub tank support required for mounting the sub tank.
It can be bolted on to CT125 using the sub tank for CT110.
The toolbox that comes standard with the CT125 needs to be removed when installing.
The support is a steel stay with a thickness of about 4.4 mm, so it can be firmly attached.■ Contents
1 sub tank support
Cap bolt M6 x 15 2 pieces
Flat washer M6 2 pcs

■ Color

■ Compatible car
CT125 2BJ-JA55 (2020-)

■ Remarks
When refueling the sub tank, it is necessary to remove the sub tank from the vehicle body.
It is manufactured according to the mounting pitch of the Honda genuine CT110 dedicated stay, but the hole position may be slightly different depending on the model year (production lot). In that case, it may be necessary to drill holes in the stay.
The sub tank has been discontinued by the manufacturer. You need to get it in the second hand market.
This product is a set of stays and bolts for attaching to the vehicle body. Lock, tank bracket and sub tank are not included.

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