Okaeri-Japan Japanese mini-time and Japanese motorcycles from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and direct import. We offer a wide selection of original products or performance.

Our company was established in 2010 and is today a leader in the import of motorcycle and scooter parts of Asian origin, mainly Japanese. Our permanent presence near Tokyo allows us to work with the biggest local brands and to offer a wide range of products at well-studied rates. Our clientele is composed of private and professional clients, garages, online sales sites, etc. in France and other European countries. We are also expanding into the Pacific Rim, Asia, Oceania and North America. We import the following brands: Kitaco, Takegawa, GCraft, Racing Over, Daytona, Shift Up, Kijima, Yoshimura, Easyriders, Nitro Heads, Wirus Win, Cutting Point, Kids Wheelie, Faddybike, X Speed, Hurricane, An Bu, Heavens , Nankai, Arai, Shoei. These products are intended for many vehicles such as: MSX125, Dax, Monkey, Gorilla, CY80, SS50, PCX125 but also Yamaha TW125, SR500, TMax 500 and Kawasaki W650, W800